Top 8 Anabolic Steroids in Canada

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You can get these steroids in Canada for burning fat, sexual aids, low testosterone issues, etc.

Steroids influence the body to boost muscle size and strengthen bones.

So let us refer to the list of best anabolic steroids in Canada by Oxygen Pharm.


1. Anadrol: Anadrol is one of the most potent anabolic steroids in Canada.

ANADROL 25mg 100 Tabs | Oral anabolic steroids in Canada

It improves muscle mass and increases strength. Studies show participants have gained up to 14.5 pounds for every 100 pounds of weight. It produces large gains rapidly within just a few weeks of use.

Anadrol is known for its rapid size and strength gains. So, it is one of the best steroids in Canada. Users see results as early as the first two weeks of taking it. It can add 20-30 pounds during bulking cycles, making it popular for bodybuilders. Though side effects are minimal now, Anadrol has historically had issues with liver toxicity.

While extremely powerful, Anadrol is not suitable for beginners as it is a harsh steroid. But among experienced steroid users,

Anadrol’s fast and significant bulking capabilities make it a go-to option. It kickstarts bulking cycles by delivering large muscle mass and strength gains within the first few weeks when bulking goals are to gain size.

Steroids from Canada with Lab report:


2. Trenbolone Enanthate: Trenbolone enanthate is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids in Canada.

It is a synthetic steroid similar to testosterone. Studies show it increases strength without enlarging the prostate like testosterone does. This is because trenbolone does not convert into estrogen or DHT. It also boosts red blood cell production leading to enhanced muscular endurance.

One major benefit of trenbolone is its exceptional strength-building effects. It enables users to recruit more muscle fibers when training.

This leads to increased force and power output so people can lift much heavier weights. Most users experience substantial strength gains on trenbolone.

While very potent, trenbolone dosage should start low at around 100-300 mg per week to assess tolerance. This is often stacked with other Canadian steroids in cycles for better results. More advanced users take between 200-1400 mg of tren per week when seeking significant mass and strength gains.

Due to the short half-life, trenbolone enanthate doses are usually split into at least 3 injections per week. While testosterone enanthate can be taken once weekly, trenbolone enanthate is taken every other day for steady blood levels. Proper dosing is vital to control trenbolone’s immense power.

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3. Anavar: Anavar is an oral Anabolic steroid considered fairly safe compared to others.

Anavar stack for female | anabolic steroid

Research shows it effectively builds muscle strength and lean mass. Anavar works by boosting protein production in muscles leading to enhanced growth and faster recovery from workouts. It also retains more nitrogen in muscles for the optimal anabolic environment to grow.

Studies demonstrate Anavar significantly lowers thyroid-binding globulin and raises thyroxine-binding prealbumin.

This accelerates metabolism allowing users to shed fat more easily. The boosted metabolism combined with the muscle-building effects makes Anavar popular for cutting cycles.

While safer than many of the best steroids in Canada, Anavar can still damage the liver. Some signs include sudden abdominal pain, yellowing skin/eyes, dark urine or unusual fatigue.

 Users need to monitor their liver closely and report these symptoms immediately. Proper dosing and cycle length reduce the risks of liver issues arising on Anavar.

Therefore, Anavar effectively builds strength and lean muscle which alongside its fat-burning properties make it useful for bulking or cutting. But as an oral steroid, it poses a low risk of liver toxicity that users should watch for. Responsible use can minimize the likelihood of significant side effects.

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4. Deca-Durabolin: Deca Durabolin is one of the best anabolic steroids in Canada.

DECA DURABOLIN 300mg/mL 10mL | Injectable steroids canada

It contains the steroid nandrolone decanoate. It is injected into the body to treat conditions like osteoporosis, anaemia, and breast cancer, and for those on corticosteroids.

One major benefit of Deca Durabolin is its ability to increase muscle mass rapidly. Studies show it can boost muscle size by up to 20% in just one cycle. In addition to muscle growth, Deca also boosts strength levels. Users often gain around 15% more strength after finishing a Deca cycle.

Another positive effect of Deca Durabolin is elevating testosterone levels in the body. The heightened testosterone increases stamina and strength further.

This allows users to work longer and harness the full muscle and strength-building potential of Deca during their cycles with the steroid.

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5. Dianabol: Dianabol, also called D-Bol, is an oral anabolic steroid.

DIANABOL 10mg 100 Tabs | Orals Steroids Canada

It is one of the anabolic steroids in Canada which comes in tablets, capsules or liquid. Dianabol is a potent steroid, stronger than Anavar, and can negatively impact health even with short-term use.

Dianabol remains popular among bodybuilders today for rapidly building mass and strength. A common dosage is around 15-30mg daily. At this amount, bodybuilders often gain 2-4 pounds per week from enhanced nitrogen retention and protein synthesis. Most of the weight gained is lean muscle tissue.

The effects of Dianabol manifest quickly, usually within a few weeks. By taking 30-50mg a day for 4-6 weeks, bodybuilders see considerable improvements in muscle size due to the exceptional protein synthesis and nitrogen retention induced by Dianabol. However, the risks of side effects make it unsuitable for beginners.

Steroids from Canada with Lab report:


6. Masteron: Masteron is an injectable steroid that poses mild side effects despite being very potent.

However, it can still cause issues if used long-term at high doses. Users should respect its strength and not abuse it.

Bodybuilders use it for cutting cycles. The key benefits are hardness and enhanced muscle definition. Masteron reduces water under the skin which makes you look leaner and better. It makes muscles look fuller by allowing them to hold more nitrogen.

You can also use it when cutting and pre-contest. This is when you want to reduce body fat percentage to show muscularity. Masteron is good at giving a grainy, defined look as subcutaneous fluids and fats get eliminated from under the skin and around the muscles. Some may prefer Masteron over Primobolan when controlling estrogen and shedding water retention.

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7. Superdrol: Superdrol is one of the potent oral anabolic Canadian steroids used by bodybuilders for extreme muscle building and performance enhancement.

SUPERDROL 15mg 60 Tabs | Orals anabolic Steroid in Canada

Superdrol carries high health risks so is banned in many places.

One major benefit of Superdrol is the incredible strength increases it provides. Users gain tremendous muscle mass too while cutting or bulking. This is why Superdrol is considered one of the most powerful oral steroids available today.

A common Superdrol dosage is 10mg per intake. Experts warn against exceeding 10mg at one time or stacking with other steroids due to Superdrol’s liver toxicity. Cycles should be limited to 6-8 weeks maximum before taking a lengthy break.

Therefore, Superdrol is an extremely potent steroid that boosts strength and muscle growth substantially during bulking or cutting cycles. However, its hazardous side effects mean cycles should be short at around 2 months. With intense power comes intense responsibility in safely administering this formidable muscle builder.

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8. Winstrol: Winstrol is one of the injectable anabolic steroids in Canada that can build muscle mass.

However, it may not be the most optimal choice for muscle growth compared to other steroids. Winstrol is popular among athletes and bodybuilders for improving physical performance.

One major benefit of Canadian Steroids is its ability to accelerate fat loss. By boosting metabolism, Winstrol facilitates rapid fat burning. Coupled with its muscle-enhancing effects, this often leads to less body fat and more lean mass.

The most common way to take Winstrol is oral administration for convenience. A typical dosage is 40mg to 80mg daily, split into multiple doses to maintain stable blood concentration. Tablets are the preferred form of taking Winstrol orally.

Winstrol starts working very quickly. Within the first two weeks, users often report boosted strength, more endurance, and better workouts. For those weight training on Winstrol, increased lean muscle mass is visible within this initial time frame. So results from Winstrol emerge rapidly thanks to its fast-acting nature.

Lab report:


Final Words:

If you are an athlete or bodybuilder who’s looking to gain massive muscle, strength, and endurance while maintaining a low body fat percentage then choose any of these Top Anabolic Steroid in Canada. Go through the lab report and consult with a professional before consuming any of these.

If you have a specific goal then you can opt for our premade stack for individual categories:


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