How Do Steroids Grow Muscles?

There is one thing that we all are aware of: steroids make the muscles grow faster, but the question of the hour is what do they do to build lean muscle mass? Well, we are here to dig a little deeper and what is the science behind steroids.

Anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS) or high-quality anabolic steroids are made in the lab and are derivatives of testosterone, a naturally produced male hormone. This hormone is entirely responsible for promoting the growth of muscles and the typical male characteristics of puberty. When a doctor legally prescribe steroids, it is for patients who produce low levels of testosterone or people who suffer from diseases like AIDS and cancer.

Talking in context for the athletes, the consumer steroid expedites the body’s natural muscle-building process. Here is how you can understand the process of muscular hypertrophy through simple examples when you lift heavy weights that are beyond your current capacity, your body creates tiny micro-tears in muscle fibres, and the body’s natural repair process works on those tears by overcompensating bigger yet stronger cells. Over time, the entire process results in muscle growth, and the main factor behind this is the testosterone hormone.

When you consume steroids, it travels through your bloodstreams to the muscle tissues and then is drawn to the muscle cell’s receiving dock called the androgen receptor. As soon as the steroid reaches there, it interacts with the cell’s DNA and stimulates the protein synthesis process that promotes cell growth. Start ingesting different amounts and variants of AAS into your body. You can see that your body is either demonstrating a massive body-building physique or tones athletic muscles.

There are two ways in which steroids affect the normal metabolism, which results in greater muscle mass of your body, and they are:

  • AAS increases the protein synthesis that are responsible for building more cells in the body, and during anabolism, the cells in skeletal muscles begin to replicate and grow accordingly. Now that this process is happening working out, there is an upsurge in strength and agility.
  • According to an experiment, consumption of AAS increases exercise capacity, muscle endurance and running endurance drastically. The treatments involving AAS also delays fatigue.

What is one of the most interesting points is that AAS has the ability to block the cortisol from binding to the muscle cell receptor sites that diminishes the process of breakdown significantly. Now, this simply means that there will be less muscle fatigue, and the pitcher will be able to recover from the effects more quickly.

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