The 5 Steroids and Stacks For Fast Muscle Gains

Steroids are a potent fat burner and one of the most impactful ways to increase muscle mass and dexterity. While many athletes, bodybuilders are using steroids to ascertain a competitive edge and people who aim to achieve a desired body shape are too widely adapting to the consumption of steroids, so if you are looking for fast muscle and strength gains, here is a compiled list of five steroids and stacks right here for you:


  • Anadrol

Anadrol is currently listed as one of the most powerful oral steroids in the market, and it is used by people who want increased muscle size and strength. The benefits associated with Anadrol are: weight gain, muscle building, strength enhancement, oral form availability and fat loss. With the help of Anadrol, people are able to expand the muscle size to a whole new level, and the size is temporary intracellular fluid retention that gives muscles a constant pumped up look.


Arguably being the most excellent steroid in circles of powerlifters, it provides a massive surge in testosterone. The strength levels increase around 40% post-cycle that correlates with the same degree of weight loss. Anadrol is also a very female-friendly steroid with a low affinity for masculinization side effects.


  • Anavar

Another oral steroid in the list that is predominantly used during cutting cycles and is also known as dry steroid with no water retention. If you are willing to cut fat out of your body, then Anavar is a better fat burner and will also show you results when it comes to increasing lean muscle mass. Being a very mild form of steroid, Anavar is widely popular amongst beginners and women.


A few of the other abilities that Anavar displays are: increase in protein synthesis in skeletal muscle, improved muscle function, growth, strength and physical activity levels. There are three ways in which Anavar increases muscle mass, including an increase in IGF-1 and upregulating the androgen receptor.


  • Winstrol

There are multiple benefits associated with Winstrol, including muscle mass buildup, a boost in acceleration, faster recovery from excruciating workouts and other physical stressors. Unlike many other anabolic steroids, it is also one of the Anti estrogen steroids and provides a quality muscle growth that is excellent for workouts.


  • Trenbolone

It helps provide the androgenic strength to the body to build muscles at a fairly fast pace. It is known to be five times more impactful than testosterone and is extremely popular in the field of bodybuilding, where the participants constantly need to cut body fat to build lean muscles.


  • Testosterone Propionate

After consumption, Testosterone Propionate breaks down in the body within 48 hours and is also known as short term ester, which means that it gives rapid onset and provides half-life. Due to this property, Testosterone Propionate is the best for newcomers and women bodybuilders


When it comes to the steroid stack, all anabolic steroids contain substances that binds both androgen and anabolic receptors but there are many users who try to combine drugs that may have weak androgens but strong anabolics. Since there are multiple options available in the market, OxygenPharm offers three stacks ranges including: advanced bodybuilder stack, beginners body builder stack and weight loss stack that will help you embark on a new journey to achieve your goal body.

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