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Myostine (YK-11) – 10mg x 50 tabs

Myostine (YK-11) - 10mg x 50 tabs



  • Potentially improves prostate health
  • Improved mass gains and increased muscle size
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Increased recovery time
  • Increased fat-loss
  • No fluid retention

Additional Information:

10mg x 50 tablets

Half-Life: up to 24 hours

Recommended Male Dosage: 5-20mg/day

Recommended Female Dosage: 2.5-5mg/day

Ideal Cycle Length: 8-12 weeks

Common Stacks: Ligandrol, Testolone, Ostarine, Cardarine, Testosterone, any combination of injectable/oral anabolic steroids.


What is Myostine (YK-11)?

YK-11 is a Myostatin inhibitor that attaches to the androgen receptor to help inhibit the production of myostatin in the muscle, thus, increasing muscle growth.  It is one of the strongest SARMs and is classed as a “steroidal SARM” as it is formed as a modification of DHT, and is often described as a hybrid between a steroid and a SARM.

The most desirable benefits of YK-11 are muscle gains, fat loss, and improved bone health.  YK-11 binds to androgen receptors which stimulate improvement in bone mineral density and stimulate the production of muscle cells, leading to increased muscle gains, improved fat-loss ability, and increased bone strength and health.   This makes YK-11 useful for not only bulking cycles but also cutting phases as well.  If diet supports it, YK-11 will not only retain muscle tissue during cutting but actually stimulate its growth as well.  

Some of the benefits of YK-11 Include:

  • Potentially improves prostate health
  • Improved mass gains and increased muscle size
  • Increased strength and stamina 
  • Increased recovery time
  • Increased fat-loss
  • No fluid retention

What is the recommended dosage?

The most common dosage of Myostine (YK-11) for most users is between 5-20mg/day.  YK-11 is fully capable of delivering impressive results at lower doses, but a dose of 15-20mg/day is recommended for more advanced users.  Women can also use this compound at low doses of no more than 2.5-5mg/day. It has a relatively long half-life meaning levels will remain stable throughout the day.  

What Does YK-11 Stack Well With?
Myostine is an extremely versatile drug that can be combined with many other SARMs and anabolic steroids; This includes any combination of injectable/oral compounds.  However, it is more than powerful enough to use on its own and is great in both bulking and cutting cycles with exceptional results.

YK-11 is commonly stacked with Ligandrol, Testolone, and Ostarine for bulking cycles, and Cardarine for cutting cycles.

2 reviews for Myostine (YK-11) – 10mg x 50 tabs

  1. Kurt Morrison

    Started these 5 weeks ago and gained 6lbs of lean muscle. Definitely would suggest this product

  2. Eric Klein

    Arrived fast. Presentation is great and it appears to be working well

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